Diary of the Catalyst

Me by vk-photography. One of my most favorite sets to date. :) 

Atomic Canary

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A couple B/W from Jane’s Island! 

I sucked it up through the year’s health issues to have one grand camping adventure! We were crazy enough, the week of the July 4th Holiday, to decide to do that holiday camping. BUT: We all know how impossible it would have been to secure any kind of campsite that last minute, but I had stumbled across an area that allowed for Back Country Camping! Yay! 

Did I mention it’s an island off an island that we had to canoe 4 miles to across the Chesapeake Bay!? Yeah. That happened. The apex of that part of the adventure was definitely Joshua trying to reassure me with “At least YOU can swim!!!” Needless to say I had visions of me as some sort of rescue dog diving to rescue thousands of dollars of photography  and backpacking gear (our other indulgence in life) and oh- my boyfriend! Luckily- that never came about! My grand illusions of being an aquatic rescue mutt were shattered! 

We were more than impressed by our little paradise for the weekend. More on incoming posts! 

So good it’s worth fighting for!!

New food! Corn on the cob!


anastasiaarteyeva from the most recent Window Light Workshop


rebeccalawrence jumped in front of my camera for the last remaining light a few days ago during her Model-in-Residency…. 

this is the beginning of something I think I will explore more in the upcoming weeks and months… 


Some nice Boudoir shots of Mary Celeste / celestialcreature, from the latest Window Light Workshop… Pretty in Peach!

I also did the hair and makeup that day! #oneofmyotherhats 


Metamorphoses from Carly O’Neil on Vimeo.

Model: A Raw Muse
Location: Atomic Canary: Baltimore

Inspired by photography of the 1920s & 1930s.


Blue from Carly O’Neil on Vimeo.

Model: DeSalle

Music: Moby, Lie Down in Darkness (Photek Remix)
Location: Atomic Canary: Baltimore